Interview with Meinert Hansen

Meinert Hansen is a concept artist and illustrator who’s worked in video games, animation and feature film for 28 years. His recent credits include Batman Arkham Origins (Warner Bros. Games Montreal), Splinter Cell Conviction, Myst IV Revelation (Ubisoft Montreal) and 300 (Warner Bros. Pictures). He is also teaching Environment Design at Syn Studio! Meinert sat … Continue Reading

Syn Studio @ MIGS !!

Great photos from the Figure Drawing Session organized by Syn Studio at the MIGS (Montreal International Game Summit) 2013 Party with three costumed models: Phylactère Modèle as a Winter Fairy, Karsten Kroll as a pirate and Pascale Bernardin in her dashing Steam Punk outfit!! It was great in large part due to our fantastic make-up … Continue Reading