Le haut 8 CONCEPT ART BLOGS vous devez suivre!

En Octobre de 2014 au Syn studio nous avons analysé la popularité des meilleurs blogs notion d’art et compilé une liste Le haut 8 (sur la base du nombre de Facebook aime à l’époque).

Voici ce que nous sommes arrivés avec:

8 – The Round Tablet

Run by Riki, an illustrator and designer, The Round Tablet is an online digital arts magazine meant to spread inspiring artwork and tutorials in the fields of Fantasy, Anime, Concept Art and Comics!
http://theroundtablet.com/ (site déménagé)

7 – Concept Ships

Concept Ships is an online multimedia magazine featuring SHIP art from some of the best concept artists working in the industry at the present time!

6 – Nuthin’ but Mech

Founded by entertainment designer Lorin Wood, Nuthin’ but Mech is a platform meant to share a passion for Mechs and Robots from sketched to renderings!

5 – The Concept Art Blog

In Portuguese, The CAB is Brazil’s first blog about Concept Art and Design for video games and cinema (live action and animation).

4 – ArtStation

This online platform is all about sharing artist portfolios and artwork, enabling industry networking but also spreading the latest community news!

3 – Feng Zhu Design

Feng Zhu School of Design’s blog, sharing top quality Concept Art and tutorials!

2 – ImagineFX

Magazine focusing on Fantasy and Sci-fi digital arts: News, interviews, tutorials and demos by top industry artists!

1 – Concept Art World

A sleek, minimalist design provides the best experience for selections of artworks of the highest quality. Top tutorials, interviews and resources for the concept art industry.

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